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Uffa Modey

Growing up in my corner of the globe has enabled me to understand the need for individuals to be properly equipped with the knowledge required for development in the digital age. 

​At 22, I commenced a career in Internet governance. I am dedicated to ensuring social change through Internet technology. Developing the network, promoting its use, and shaping our digital future, are avenues for community engagement in ICT that I explore daily.

uffa modey


 There are different definitions of what the path to global sustainability should look like. But the common denominator remains that effective communication, shared knowledge and universal principles are extremely crucial for building a habitable future for generations.

The development and commercialization of digital technology have revolutionized the information and communication sector globally. Internet technology and other vices of telecommunication provide a foundation for day to day living around the word. Yet a digital divide exists! Why is there a world wide gap in the quality of access to services and information online?

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  • Cloud computing

  • Research and education networks

  • Internet governance

  • Community engagement

  • Open Internet standards

  • Software development

  • IP resource management

  • Digital rights

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