• Uffa Modey

On internet universality and governance, sharing perspectives from underrepresented communities

What challenges do youth from underrepresented communities face in developing global policy for ICT  and digital technology and what opportunities exist for their inclusion?

In this session, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by youth and other underrepresented communities in economically lower-tier countries as they navigate the internet. We are a group of policy professionals and activists with direct contact with our communities working on different grassroots projects. We intend to relay these communities' concerns and their aspirations on how to partake in the global policy debate on the future of the internet, internet universality, and governance.

Is the internet an equal space? Can we mediate that? How can we promote the teaching of internet core principles (openness, health, human rights, security, accessibility, and decentralization)? How can youth and other groups contribute to global policy development that shapes our digital future? What role do internet stakeholder organizations have to play in promoting digital and digital policy literacy for internet governance? These are the questions we will discuss during the session through a myriad of projects the session's speakers are undertaking. Input from the session participants in response to these questions is encouraged.

We will share our experience in working to provide spaces for training for youth in developing regions to enable them to become spokespeople for their communities on internet issues. We will speak of how and other concrete experiences different community groups across the globe can connect to the internet ecosystem not just as users but also as equals and contributors.

The presentation slides from the session have been included at the bottom of the session notes document here

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